2017 USPRS

  1. PYC long distance
  2. PYC/SSC Plymouth-fowey/fowey-plymouth
  3. YYC eddystone race
  4. TMSC Ranneys buoy race (not finished, no wind)
  5. RNSA/PYC Plymouth-Salcombe/salcombe-Plymouth (return trip was cancelled because it was too windy)

Ullman Sails Points Race Series Round Up Report

34 boats, 6 starts and a multitude of conditions faced the Ullman Sails Points Race Series this year, with blazing sunshine, pouring rain, squally gusts and doldrum-like lulls being sent to challenge the competitors.

The fleets consistently boasted 10 boats each race on the startline, with several boats vying for the overall titles. Unfortunately, the loss of the TMSC Ranney’s Buoy race due to lack of wind, and the cancellation of PYC’s Salcombe to Plymouth race due to a heavy forecast meant that all discards were used up, so consistency was key.

In the IRC fleet Neil Trathen dominated in his Laser 28 Elusive, with 4 firsts, counting just 7 points, followed by Dan Flanagan’s Sunburst, and David Oliver’s Xtorsion8. A handicap difference of nearly forty minutes provided a huge split and a real challenge, with sailing your own race being the only option for a lot of boats.

In the NHC class, however, the results went right down to the wire. Of the 5 races to count the fleet had 4 separate race winners. Peter Wanstall’s Seascape 24 led from the start, and although they didn’t win on the final race, the other title contenders fell foul of the variable conditions on the trip to Salcombe. With Wanstall in first, Crazy Rhythm needed another discard so had to settle for second, whilst a bad final result for Ashley Crawford let Mike Nuttall’s Joss of Avon slip through to take third on countback. I look forward to seeing continued competition in this fleet, as Bob Suggett’s new Sunfast 32 is shaping up to be a competitive handicap force, and the modern designed Seascape’s are proving that they have the boatspeed in the lighter winds.

In the two-handed James Moore’s Katisha won the overall in his first attempt at the series, with Joburg not being able to attend all the races.

This year we trialled ORC within the series after requests for its input, and a seeming move towards it from the Plymouth Sound clubs. Dual scoring across IRC and Club Handicap put boats in together, and it turned out that the ORC result overall was the closest of the lot, with Mischief beating Joss of Avon on countback. If there is still interest in ORC next year then we will continue to run the rating system.

This was my first year managing this series, having raced in it for some years, and I am pleased that Yealm Yacht Club have come onboard with their Eddystone race becoming part of the series. I hope to build on this in the future, as well as the continued support and volunteers of Saltash, the Plym, Torpoint and RNSA, without whom we wouldn’t be able to run the series. We continue to be well hosted in all of our destinations as well, with much good food, good beer and good laughter après-race.




ULLMAN SAILS POINTS RACE SERIES – Long Distance Race for the Plym Yacht Club on Saturday 13th May 2017.

This Saturday the 13th May saw the Long Distance Race of the Plym Yacht Club held in fine sunny weather with a decent South West Wind of over 14 knots that allowed a varied but reasonably lengthy course of 19 miles to be set.

The Race Officer chose to send the fleets out on course 55 which started with a beat out to L4 Buoy which is just 8 miles out from the start line directly heading for the Eddistone Rocks Light House. The fleet would then leave the buoy to port and turn with wind behind them and set spinnakers flying to enable them to return to the sound leaving Duke Rock Buoy to port and returning to the start line. They would then take a second lap beating out to Queens Ground again, leaving that to port, before crossing over to Duke Rock once more and finishing at West Mallard.

We had two fleets out with a total of 19 yachts but 4 different sets of results as we were dual scoring for IRC, ORC, Port Handicapping and Two Handed. Great fun for the race team and giving all competitors various chances in the results.

With the weather holding up beautifully throughout the race all sailors will have had a most enjoyable sail even though highly competitive and of course the fleets were fairly well spread out as they finished but nevertheless all finished well inside the time limits ready to return to the club to hear how they got on. The first boat over the line at the finish was Dan Flanagan’s Sunburst with Joyride coming in second and Xtortion8 third but of course these positions would be altered by corrections from their handicaps.

The IRC Results
1st Elusive , Neil Trathen.
2nd Xtorsion8, Dave Oliver.
3rd Sunburst, Dan Flanagan.

The ORC Results
1st Mischief, Ashley Crawford.
2nd Jos of Avon, Mike Nuttall.
3rd Jamala, Jon Harris.

The Port Handicap overall results.
1st Seascape 24 Demo, Peter Wanstall.
2nd Xtortion8, Dave Oliver.
3rd Jamala, Jon Harris.

The 2 Handed Results.
1st Joy Ride, Sean Koehler.
2nd Katisha, Phil Pryor.
3rd Hesione, Roger Bloomfield.

This race is part of the Ullman Sails of Plymouth Series and we now look forward to the next part of this series which is the weekend races to and from Fowey jointly hosted by the Plym Yacht Club and The Saltash Sailing Club.



Fifteen Plymouth yachts were joined by five yachts sailing under the COGS banner for the annual race to Fowey and back. With a moderate south westerly breeze forecast on the Saturday, the Race Officer set a course sailing direct to Fowey. The yachts beat out of Plymouth Sound in a gentle 10 knots of wind. After a couple of hours the wind strength grew and several boats decided to reduce sail. Then the heavens opened and everyone was treated to a fresh water wash-down. As quickly as the wind built it faded leaving the smaller yachts with a slow beat from Looe Island to the finish. Keromino managed to stay ahead of the weather to take line honours and win the IRC class in under three and a half hours. In the cruiser class Crazy Rhythm prevailed after six hours of racing.

The return trip on Sunday proved to be less taxing with a 10 knot South Westerly giving a tight spinnaker reach back to Rame Head before easing sheets to cross the Sound to the Plym finish line. In IRC, Keromino once again took line honours but the top spot went to Elusive on corrected time. Seascape 24 Demo was first back in the cruiser class showing a great turn of speed. The 2 handed class was won by Joburg.

Results Plymouth – Fowey


1 Keromino Andy Williams
2 Sunburst Dan Flanagan
3 Elusive Neil Trathen

1 Crazy Rhythm Ashley Davies
2 Jos of Avon Mike Nuttall
3 Seascape 24 Demo Peter Wanstall

Results Fowey – Plymouth
1 Elusive Neil Trathen
2 Keromino Andy Williams
3 Sunburst Dan Flanagan


1 Seascape 24 Demo Peter Wanstall
2 Crazy Rhythm Ashley Davies
3 Mischief Ashley Crawford

2 Handed
1 Joburg Phil Hooper




ULLMAN SAILS POINTS RACE SERIES – Yealm Yacht Club Eddystone Race

Awaiting race report & results




ULLMAN SAILS POINTS RACE SERIES – RNSA/Plym Yacht Club Plymouth to Salcombe Race

20 boats made the final Ullman Points Series startline for the Plymouth to Salcombe race. Whilst the return trip had already been cancelled due to a bad forecast and rough seas, there was still all to play for in the top 5 of the NHC class.

Racing began with a 5 knot Westerly breeze, allowing for spinnakers from the startline, and although the IRC fleet got away cleanly, there was a pileup on the pin end of the NHC start. Once outside Plymouth Sound, however, the wind shut off, and as boats sailed upwind in search for the forecast Southerly, the handicap clock ticked for the quicker boats, unable to get away from the slower boats in their respective fleets.

Once the wind steadied, kites were once again hoisted and a 10 knot reach all the way to Salcombe was accompanied by sunshine, a perfect end to the series. In IRC it was a victory for the slower boats in the fleet, with both Laser 28’s on the podium, and Neil Trathen’s Elusive showing the consistency to take another win in the Series. In NHC the two Seascape’s excelled in the light downwind conditions, but it was Stephen Jarman and Sam Marshall’s Southerly 105 Bernoulli that took the day, hugging the shore to avoid the tide, and taking the bullet in her first racing outing.

With the impending forecast most boats immediately turned around to return to Plymouth while there was still sunshine, but for the three boats that stayed there was beer tokens and prizegiving hosted by the RNSA in the yacht club, followed by afterparty on Bernoulli.

Our thanks once again go to the RNSA and PYC, for their continued support with this event and this series.